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Green Wall


TPOH plans to visit different spaces to explore how people work towards sustainability and share ways to incorporate biophilia, green roof design, and reducing waste and renewable energy sources.

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There are several upcoming projects focused on sustainability. TPOH is developing a podcast episode that delves into zero-waste living, exploring how people can minimize waste, hold corporations accountable, and live sustainably. Another set of podcast episodes will focus on environmental justice and the impact of environmental issues on marginalized communities.

Overall, it is clear that sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic in the world of vlogging and podcasting. With the growing awareness about the importance of protecting the environment, we will likely see more and more creators using their platforms to promote sustainability and eco-conscious practices.



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Podcast Episode


The creator of TPOH will share examples of public art installations, community gardens, and other initiatives that have improved the city's aesthetic. Interviews with residents, community leaders, and city officials to understand how these beautification efforts have impacted the community. Discuss the challenges and benefits of these initiatives, and offer suggestions for other ways cities can improve their aesthetic appeal. Showcase the many ways cities can be transformed and enhanced through beautification efforts.

An episode based on biophilia might explore topics such as the benefits of spending time in nature, the importance of preserving and protecting the environment, and ways to cultivate our relationship with the natural world. The episode may also feature interviews with biology, environmental science, psychology, and sustainability experts and could provide practical tips and suggestions for incorporating biophilic principles into daily life.

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TPOH is always looking for individuals or teams to help share the message to end inequality and promote biophilic futures and the SDGs set by the United Nations.

Currently seeking individuals to organize virtual events and distribute other helpful information.

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