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Zero WasteX

The items that we have in our homes can create a hazardous environment indoors. Filling your home with sustainable and eco-friendly or natural materials in addition to plants can help clean the air INSIDE your home.

Right now you're probably can you produce zero waste?

No such thing. We all produce some kind of waste.

So what does having a Zero WasteX mean?

Having a zero-waste mindset means is that you are making decisions based on how it [a product or resource], directly and indirectly, affects the environment.

Indoors AND outdoors.

Making these conscious decisions means you're taking steps toward improving your internal and external environment. Hold on to this advice, as you decide to move forward in your transition to living a zero-waste lifestyle.

You will have some waste, and that's okay.But be sure to dispose of the waste appropriately OR if it can serve another purpose, get creative!

Bathrooms and Kitchens create the most waste.

This lifestyle change is not going to break the bank. Sharing ways that you can transition your lifestyle without losing style or breaking the bank can be a risky and daunting task.

I have provided an illustration that shows ways that you can make easy transitions in the kitchen to provide less waste. Thus, reducing your ecological footprint and impacts on the environment. Our little impacts make BIG differences.

Today, we are plagued by decisions of our past in the form of pollution. It is time that we all stand up and do our part towards making sustainable attainable and the planet made more resilient.

Our oceans should not be threatened by acidification, causing increasing numbers in loss of wildlife and habitats. Understanding the connections and cycles of our impacts will create ideal economies and livelihoods. When your environment thrives so do you.

When we have a clean and clutter-free environment, our mind becomes less stressed and clarity in our thought process. Creating a better emotional state enhancing the overall well-being of your space.

This doesn't mean that all stress and anxiety will be cured because you have less waste.

When we are less stressed you become more focused and proactive in making positive changes and thoughtful decisions. The same concept must be used when in our actions towards the environment and in making purchases.


The products that we have in our homes create a type of indoor pollution such as formaldehyde, ammonia, xylene, benzene, which are found in everyday items like window cleaner, adhesives and synthetic fibers. (Source: NASA Archive)

How can you make these changes?

By purchasing sustainable, eco-friendly or natural materials in addition to plants that help clean the air INSIDE your home provides you with a footprint that can produce less waste and encourages others to use renewable and sustainable values and principles which could encourage communities to plant more trees and become aware of their footprints.

I hope to encourage families to become involved with these efforts. I believe we have the possibility to evolve and improve our environment by creating awareness and promoting healthier lifestyles so our communities and families can thrive.


Please click here for an article explaining how plants can clean the air in your home.

For your free Clean Air Calendar 2020 click here. (You can color the plants).

If you do decide to make the transition please email me or share your photos and I will post and share your amazing efforts for the environment.

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