• Shakiya Morris

Cardboard Playhouse

A creative way to get the kids inspired to play independently and use their imagination

With the holidays behind us and the messes in full force. Building a playhouse is probably the last thing you have on your mind.

However, to reduce the waste in your home and in the landfill or recycling facility, we can take advantage of innovation and imagination.

Build a cardboard playhouse/clubhouse.

Use those old boxes, create a new space for them to embrace their inner engineer, designer, or creator. Whatever their desire it can be built using everyday items.

Items you'll need

⚫ 4-5 Large boxes

⚫ 2 Medium boxes

⚫ Duct Tape

⚫ Hot Glue Gun and Extra Glue Sticks

⚫ Scissors

⚫ Permanent Marker

⚫ Black Paint ( I used dries faster)

⚫ Contact Paper (optional)

⚫ Extra boxes for building accessories and appliances

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This is a great project to teach children about engineering and design and how to work as a team to create something.

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