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Engage communities to work together to enhance the wellness and well-being of the community members and making cities and communities more sustainable and biophilic.

Get excited to learn about ways to create regenerative and sustainable energy solutions. Renewable Energy for Kiddos is sure to inspire your little ones to become eager to learn or invent and share innovative ways to make an impact, showcasing renewable resources that can improve everyday mobility, environmental impacts, and provide equal opportunities.


The Adventures of Ben and Rug-B, a fun book highlighting the importance of taking care of our environment, recycling, and sharing the message to accept that some things change outside it is what’s inside that counts.

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Tune in as I interview leaders in sustainability as we share ways to lift communities with sustainable actions, and inform you of ways to reduce your ecological footprint to create a healthier planet and home.

Shows will be exciting, informative, and inspiring.

We are exploring sustainable lifestyles, impacts of Global warming, Green initiatives, and companies (international and domestic), Parenting, Health, Renewable technologies, Eco-friendly travel, Climate change, and more!

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Looking for individuals that have ambition, individuals who take pride in what they say and do.

Do you want to make a difference?

These opportunities will be unique, exciting, and full of new ways to learn.

Remote and Local Opportunities Are Always Available!

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Other Intiatives

Be Kind Initiatives


Encourage community clean-up and organize events in communities that encourage activities that are aligned with my BRING UNITY TO THE COMMUNITY PROJECT.







RHSA donate(s) services (finding resources, home cleaning, grocery, shopping, etc. ), organizing fundraisers to aid veterans and teens who suffer from PTSD. I and a team will assist individuals in receiving the services that are necessary while performing team building and community building exercises. Informing communities how they can be helpful and aware of the members of their community who suffers from PTSD.